Great Ideas for Bespoke Conservatories & Garden Rooms

Great Ideas for Bespoke Conservatories & Garden Rooms

So many home owners love the great outdoors, beautiful garden furniture and understand the pleasure of the outdoors,

yet few consider a leisure building or garden room. A space closer to nature, the great outdoors and one that makes it easy to meld your life outdoors and indoors is quite an endearing prospect.

There’s so many uses for a leisure building or garden room – here are some of the common and uncommon ones.

How Our Leisure Buildings can be Used

Our outdoor rooms have been used for a whole variety of different things – here are some of the interesting things people have done with them.

Home Cinema or Library

There are few nicer things in life than sitting outside and reading a book and with our garden rooms with canopies you get the best of both worlds. If it’s beautiful outside as the UK weather always is, then you can sit underneath our canopy. Alternatively, if the weather is a little less beautiful, you can simply sit inside while enjoying all the benefits of our modern contemporary garden room design.

Turning your garden room into a garden library room could be a fantastic call and one that allows you so many wonderful life benefits. Additionally, a home cinema is also the perfect addition. Simply install a projector and play some of your favourite on the inside wall of your garden room in peace and quiet – the way they were meant to be seen.

Garden Games Den

Teenagers get bored, it’s that simple. They also like to have a little of their own space – leisure buildings can be the perfect addition in this regard. Adding a space where they can add their football table, set up their games console or indulge in a game of darts or whatever they fancy will greatly benefit them. It’s also the perfect way for adults to get them out and about.

Perfect for a small conservatory – check out 3×3 cost

Home Garden Gym

garden roomsThere are so many reasons a garden room makes the perfect space for a home gym – so many. Imagine sitting on your exercise bike looking out at the great outdoors, or sitting on your Swiss ball in this clean contemporary space. It’s the perfect room for leisure, work or play.

If you’re a creative person, then having a space of your own that’s dedicated to creativity can be a big help. Our rooms provide loads of light and make for a very inspiring room for work whether it’s creative or not. They are the ideal place for painting, photography and writing – in fact any art you choose. Add some comfortable, contemporary furniture and you’re sure to create the ultimate, enjoyable space to get creative in and work on your masterpieces.

Music Room

Don’t want to annoy others with the clash of cymbals and the beat of your own drum? Outdoor garden leisure buildings like ours is perfect. We offer a bespoke garden room feature, meaning you can add whatever you want to our great garden rooms, whether that’s sound insulation, more windows or whatever.

Check out this Example of our Garden Room Surrey

Here is an example of a garden room in Surrey we recently built. This garden room is made from cedar wood and comes with a corrugated cladding – we’re able to create bespoke garden rooms – so no matter what your need we can create a suitable room.

Just get in contact with us and we’ll get your garden room organised and show you how you could be benefiting from the benefits of the outdoor world indoors with our leisure buildings.

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