Buying UPVC Doors and Windows

Buying UPVC Doors and Windows

Energy efficient Patio Windows

Buying UPVC Doors and WindowsEverybody knows that installing double glazing can help you lower your heating costs by reducing heat loss, but with the advent of low emissivity glass (low-e glass) energy efficiency for double glazed patio windows has gone up to another level.

Previously, the top of the WER (window energy rating) would have been ‘A’ rated windows but now you can get up to A++ which is extraordinary.

The ratings from the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) are graded from A-G with G being the lowest energy efficiency rating – but they had to introduce the ++ in order to keep up with modern upgrades in thermal efficiency of uPVC Windows & the improvements in glass technology.

The WER applies to the whole of the complete Patio Door so that whilst using a very energy efficient glass is important, if your frames are not up to the mark, then having low-e glass won’t help much because you lose heat from the bad frames themselves.